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Sebastian Golding – University of Cape Town

‘He genuinely cares about the people he interacts with and as a result will do whatever he can to help in any way, shape or form.’ I had the privilege of being taught by Dr. Michael Low for four years. During this time, I was fortunate enough to really get to know Dr. Low. Michael […]

Jade Kruger – Herschel Girls School

‘Dr Low, thank you for the past five years of mentorship and friendship. You have been an incredible teacher and without you, my love of playing the piano would not have grown to what it is today.’ For as long as I can remember, playing the piano has been one of my greatest passions. From […]

William Cahill – Rhodes Scholarship Elect

‘His interest in me, years later, has not changed, as is his ability to inspire musical passion within me.’ Dr Michael Low is one of the most unique mentors I have ever had the fortune of engaging with. I say this because his offering extends much further than the standard piano teacher. Michael breaks the […]

Melissa Qwek – National University of Singapore

‘His passion in teaching, have effectively propel me to recognize and discover my strengths and weaknesses. The insights he shared with me on various repertoires for example also help to give me a thorough understanding of how they should be interpreted.’ Michael has been an inspirational teacher and has encouraged me to learn a far […]

Wayne Frederic Teo – Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris

‘His methodology is very personal, taking a different approach with students to cater to their specific needs. However in every instance he never fails to emphasise the importance of respecting the composer and the score.’ Full of energy and passion for teaching, Michael is a wonderful pedagogue whose love for music is evident to any […]

Wang Lan – Soprano

‘在每次的合作演出中,我都能感受到来自他对音乐独特的见解,以及他的音乐知识的丰富。每次的合作,都是如此的顺畅与愉悦。’ ‘When I work with Michael, I can always sense his unique interpretation (of the music) along with his vast knowledge of the repertoire we are performing. Each and every one of our collaboration is truly effortless and enlightening.’ 刘淼迎,是一个直率乐观,对音乐执着奋斗不息的音乐人。尽管他常常作为独奏钢琴的身份出现在音乐会中,但作为我的业余伴奏,在每次的合作演出中,我都能感受到来自他对音乐独特的见解,以及他的音乐知识的丰富。每次的合作,都是如此的顺畅与愉悦。 Michael Low is an uncomplicated and cheerful musician with an undying love passion for music. […]

Thomas Von Zahn – University of Cape Town

‘What he brings to each interaction is more than being a superb teacher: he is simply excellent at building the level of rapport required to not only teach, but impart real value in that of teaching.’ I have never had the privilege of working under Dr. Michael Low. However, when I observe how his teaching […]

Nick ‘Rusty’ Rouessart – Cedar House High School

‘He taught me how to respect the piano and music itself as well as to love music as a gift. He taught me that to cherish a gift, is to make it seem amazing in a unique and original sense.’ Great teacher. Good friend. Inspiring leader and keen golfer. These are all attributes to Michael […]