that is

and energy about, music and teaching,

"He brings to the environment a love for

- Jos Taylor Head of Music, Herschel Girls School

Andries Malherbe - CEO, ILIO Energy

'In my view he simply operates on

different level of quality and a

higher standard to any other educator.'


Bill Chen - Tisch School of the Arts

'It is his capability to read a student

that separates him from not just piano teachers,

but all teachers.'


Thomas von Zahn - University of Cape Town

of rapport required to not only teach,

'He is simply excellent at building the level

but impart real value in that of teaching.'


Wayne Teo - Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris

'It is his love for music,

which he imparts to his students that

distinguishes him from the crowd.'

About Michael Low

As a teenager, Michael studied piano under the guidance of Richard Frostick before enrolling in London’s prestigious Centre for Young Musicians, where he studied composition with the English composer Julian Grant, and piano with the internationally acclaimed pedagogue Graham Fitch. During his studies at Surrey University in England, Michael made his debut playing Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto in the 1999 Guildford International Music Festival, before graduating with Honours under the tutelage of Clive Williamson.

In 2000, Michael obtained his Masters in Music (also from Surrey University), specialising in music criticism, studio production and solo performance under Nils Franke. An international scholarship brought Michael to the University of Cape Town, where he resumed his studies with Graham Fitch. During this time, Michael was invited to perform Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto for The Penang Governer’s Birthday Celebration Gala Concert.

In 2009, Michael obtained his Doctorate in Music from the University of Cape Town under the supervision of South Africa’s greatest living composer, Hendrik Hofmeyr. His thesis set out to explore the Influence of Romanticism on the Evolution of Liszt’s Transcendental Etudes.

Michael has also worked with numerous eminent teachers and pianists, including Nina Svetlanova, Niel Immelman, Frank Heneghan, James Gibb, Phillip Fowke, Renna Kellaway, Carolina Oltsmann, Florian Uhlig, Gordon Fergus Thompson, Francois du Toit and Helena van Heerden.

Michael currently holds teaching positions in two of Cape Town’s exclusive education centres: Western Province Preparatory School and Herschel School for Girls. He is very much sought after as a passionate educator of young children.

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The Elvira Ensemble plays Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 1 in C Major
Michael Low plays Wagner/Liszt Isolde’s Liebestod
The Elvira Ensemble plays Love Theme by the Sea by Randall Meyers
The Elvira Ensemble plays Mozart Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor (chamber version)
Just who on this earth is Michael Low? (trailer version)
Michael Low plays Beethoven Piano Sonata in E major Opus 109 1st movement
Michael Low plays Beethoven Piano Sonata in E major Opus 109 2nd movement
Michael Low plays Beethoven Piano Sonata in E major Opus 109 3rd movement (extract)
Michael Low plays Liszt Ballade No. 2 in B minor (extract)
Michael Low plays Liszt Benediction de Dieu dans la Solitude (extract)
Michael Low plays Wagner/Liszt Tannhauser Overture (complete version)
Michael Low plays Wagner/Liszt Tannhauser Overture (trailer version)
Just who on this earth is Michael Low? (complete version)


Wang Lan – Soprano

‘在每次的合作演出中,我都能感受到来自他对音乐独特的见解,以及他的音乐知识的丰富。每次的合作,都是如此的顺畅与愉悦。’ 'When…

Elise Malherbe

‘The fact that he understands and “gets” all three our quite different kids so well, is astonishing... Along the way he also managed to instill…
‘Everyone has something to say, it just so happens that some of us have just a bit more to say than others’

– Michael Low (From the interview in The Cross-Eyed Pianist)

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