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False Gods and Fictitious Poets

One of the happiest surprises of blogging has been the connections and friendships I’ve made with composers, pianist, and writers all over the English-speaking world. Dr. Michael Low is one of many friends brought into my life through No Dead Guys. A Cape Town, South Africa pianist and educator, Low possesses a rare combination of […]

This is why I almost stopped playing the piano (Part 2)

Long read guest post by Dr Michael Low (read Part 1 here) My journey back to playing the piano started when I casually suggested to a new colleague that perhaps we should play some chamber music together. I honestly didn’t think that she would take me seriously, but the next day I found the scores […]

This is why I almost stopped playing the piano (Part 1)

For as long as I can remember, Classical music has touched me in a way no other musical genre was able to. This, coupled with my love for playing the piano, made it inevitable that I would dedicate my life to these two overlapping fields.
Musicians must be the luckiest people alive!’ I recall saying to my father as a wide-eyed teenager, ‘They travel the world and play beautiful music.

3 Things I learnt from the Coronavirus Pandemic

…and how it relates to the performance of Western art music by Dr Michael Low I will never forget Tuesday 18th February 2020. In truth, there was nothing unremarkable about how the day itself unfolded: I woke up, went about my usual business of teaching, had lunch at my favourite coffee shop whilst browsing Premier League […]

The Tiger Mother, her ferocious cub, and the trusted zookeeper

by Dr Michael Low Regardless of where you stand (or perhaps more appropriately, sit, as that is our general default position when it comes to using electronic devices such as tablets, chrome books and laptops) on the subject of social media, there is no doubt that websites and applications such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and […]

There’s just one problem: I don’t want to read the notes

by Dr Michael Low I have a confession: I don’t like to engage in online debates. The thought of someone meticulously sharpening their proverbial pitch-fork in response to my opinion is almost as terrifying as anticipating the climax of Stanley Kubrick’s Shining, where the psychotic Jack broke through the bathroom to find the terrified Wendy, […]


by Dr Michael Low Nostalgia has a two-fold meaning: firstly, it is a longing for the past, and secondly, within such longing, an attempt to recreate and glorify the values of a bygone age. The 19th century’s obsession with nostalgia can be traced back to the Romanticism itself, where the name of the movement is a reference […]

L is for Liszt

by Dr Michael Low A second article on this giant of piano music  According to all reliable accounts, Liszt was the first true celebrity pianist in the history of Western art music. He was the embodiment of the Romantic Era: the sublime and the ridiculous, the diabolical and the virtuous, the transcendental and the mediocre, […]

Selling Your Soul to the Devil

by The Cross-Eyed Pianist Original Post: https://crosseyedpianist.com/2015/06/17/selling-your-soul-to-the-devil/ Guest post by Michael Low I have a confession: as long as I can remember, I have been a musical snob. When I was a teenager, I dismissed Richard Clayderman as an amateur after listening to Daniel Barenboim’s recording of Beethoven’s ‘Waldstein’ Sonata, ‘Why does Clayderman only have one […]

At the Piano with……Dr Michael Low

by The Cross-Eyed Pianist What is your first memory of the piano? Growing up in Malaysia, my first memory of the piano was not a particularly happy one. When I was about 7 my parents decided that I should begin formal music lessons. Unfortunately I had a teacher who was neither sympathetic nor encouraging. I remembered […]