One of the happiest surprises of blogging has been the connections and friendships I’ve made with composers, pianist, and writers all over the English-speaking world. Dr. Michael Low is one of many friends brought into my life through No Dead Guys. A Cape Town, South Africa pianist and educator, Low possesses a rare combination of […]

Long read guest post by Dr Michael Low (read Part 1 here) My journey back to playing the piano started when I casually suggested to a new colleague that perhaps we should play some chamber music together. I honestly didn’t think that she would take me seriously, but the next day I found the scores […]

For as long as I can remember, Classical music has touched me in a way no other musical genre was able to. This, coupled with my love for playing the piano, made it inevitable that I would dedicate my life to these two overlapping fields.
Musicians must be the luckiest people alive!’ I recall saying to my father as a wide-eyed teenager, ‘They travel the world and play beautiful music.